The Communication Pane

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Part of the power of Campus is that you can record conversations with your contacts so that you and your users are always in the know when it comes to picking up a conversation from where it was left off. You log and communicate with your contacts from within their view pages.

The Communication Pane

Head over to the Contacts module and click on the name of a contact and you'll be fired over to the View Contact page.

Every Contact page has a communication pane with five tabs:

  • Note
  • Email
  • Activity (Log Call and Log Email)
  • Task

This Communications pane should be your go-to point when you're interacting with your contacts. You can add notes, send emails, log emails and telephone calls, and schedule a task all from one single point.

Adding a Note

Simply type the note into the text area and click the Note button. Notes are great for logging letters and face-to-face meetings and also anything important that you want to record about the contact.

Logging a Call

1. Click on the Activity tab and then the Log Call item in the dropdown.

2. Select whether the call is incoming or outgoing. If there is no answer tick the Didn't answer checkbox and then specify whether a message was left.

3. Once you're done click the Log Call button and the call will appear in the notification feed below.