What Are Contacts?

A contact is a named person in your CRM module. They are the people that you market to, quote for, sell to, and deal with on a daily basis. As a Campus user you're able to add, update, and remove your contacts at any time.

Each Campus plan comes with a limit on the number of contacts you can store.

Contacts are categorised into 3 types depending on where they sit in your sales funnel: Followers, Leads, and Opportunities.

Are The Teachers in the Education Data Module Contacts?

No. A contact is someone who has essentially given you permission to market to/someone you are quoting for/selling to. The Teachers in the Education Module are there for you to turn into contacts when the time is right. This is why Campus allows you to send outreach marketing to them – so you can engage with them, get them to show a direct interest in your business, and therefore become a contact.

A contact is YOUR data, they belong to you and if you ever decide to leave Campus you can take your contacts with you. The Schools and Teachers that have not become your contacts remain the property of Campus but are there for you to use for outreach marketing as long as you're using the Campus system.