Sales Thresholds

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Very often you might want to market to your very best customers differently to all your other contacts. You might want to offer them a discount to thank them for their custom or you might want to invite them to an exclusive meeting/event/seminar. On the other hand you might want to send a discount to your single purchasers to get them back on board with your products/services. You can do this by using the Sales Threshold feature in Campus.

Levels of Sales Threshold

The different levels of sales threshold are:

  1. Potential Customers (contacts who have never bought from you).
  2. Single Purchasers (contacts who have bought just once from you).
  3. Repeat Purchasers (contacts who have bought more than once from you).
  4. Star Purchasers (your best purchasing contacts – you set the amount a contact must have spent to become a Star Purchaser).

Setting Your Star Purchaser Sales Threshold

Go to your Settings module (by clicking on the Settings item in the dropdown menu underneath the user picture top right of your screen). Then select the Contacts item in the submenu and then the Sales Funnel & Thresholds item in the dropdown.

Here you can specify the minimum amount a contact must have spent with you to be classed as a Star Purchaser.

N.B. The Star Purchaser limit should be the net sales value. So, if your limit was set at $1,000 and you made a sale for $999 + sales tax = $1,198.80, the contact would not yet be a star purchaser.

Using The Sales Threshold Information

You can see any contact's Sales Threshold level on their View Contact page in the Interactions section.

You can also create and segment your Contact Marketing Lists by Sales Threshold Information enabling you to easily create marketing lists of different contacts based on their purchasing.