Campaign Email Bounces

As with any email marketing campaign you will inevitably have some email addresses that will bounce. If one of your Contact's email address hard bounces a number of times, Campus will suppress it, which you can read more about here.

You can build list of Contacts that have had a bounced email or that have been suppressed by following the steps below. This will leave you with a Contact list that you can work through and tidy your database.

Bounced Contacts

To create a list of Contacts whose email address has bounced when receiving some of your marketing, you firstly need to head over to your Contacts (Contacts > Contacts) page. From here, click Filters:
From the Contact Filters search for Bounced Email, then choosing Is Any Of and then your marketing email(s):

Close the Filters side bar and then Save your list:

Supressed Emails

To build a list of your Contacts whose email addresses have been suppressed due to multiple bounces, follow the process above but choose Suppressed as your list filter, followed by Is Equal To > Yes:

Close the sidebar and then save the list.