Sending Profiles

Every marketing email you send, whether it's to your contacts or to the Educators in your Education Data module, has a sending profile.

A sending profile consists of:

From Name

This is what appears as the 'From' field in the recipient's email client.

Reply To Address

This is the address that the email will get sent to if the recipient clicks on the Reply button in their email client.

From Address Prefix

The suffix needs to be the URL of the server from which the email is sent from. Your marketing emails are sent from Campus so they will always have a suffix like:


You can choose the prefix though. It's quite usual to include your first name or your company's name here. Most email clients don't show the From Address.

This would make the From Address look something like this:

Tracking (yes or no)

You can turn open and click tracking on or off here.

To walk through sending your first email campaign, jump over to our onboarding training video: Marketing