Adding a Sale

N.B. Before you start you'll need to make sure that your Money Module is set up. You can read more about that here.

Navigate over to the Sales module. If you've got no sales go ahead and click the Get Started button or, if you do have some sales, the Add a Sale button.

Add in the Top Level Sales Information

1. Select the Organisation to which you just made the sale (you can just start typing the name of the Organisation and Campus will find it for you).

If the sale you made is to a school that is not already one of your organisations you can just just select it and Campus will make it an organisation for you.

2. Now select the contact. Campus will offer up a list of likely suspects for you.

3. If the sale was made by one of your colleagues you can select them in the Sold By dropdown.

4. Campus will intelligently work out your invoice number for you and automatically increment for you as you continue to make sales.

5. Campus will have automatically inserted the Invoice Date and the Due Date (based on today's date) and your default credit period; you can change these if you like.

6. If your customer has provided you with a Purchase Order Number you can insert it and it will be included on the invoice.

7. You are able to add a personal message that will be printed on the invoice by clicking on the Add a customer message button and filling in the text box.

Add the Product Information

1. You can now change the quantity, and choose your product/service from the dropdown. If you need to add more products/services you can do so in the Settings module. (Read about that here).

2. The product description, price and VAT percentage will be automatically inserted for you although all of these details remain editable so you can tinker with them for any particular sale.

3. You can now go ahead and add further lines to your invoice by clicking on the ' +' button at the end of each row.

4. The Net Total, VAT Total and Sale Total will be automatically calculated for you.

5. All you need to do now is click the Save button.

Jump over to our training video to walk through creating sales: Creating Invoices and Managing Payments