Adding Attachments to Quotes

There is the option to add an attachment to a quote within Campus. This is for uploading and logging any internal documents (like a costing sheet or a supplier contract etc.) against the quote.

There are two main ways to do this.

When Adding or Editing a Quote

In the Quote's add and edit forms there's an  Add an Attachment field. Simply click the Browse button and select the field you want to attach from your computer's file system.

When Viewing the Quote

Just click on the Add button and select the attachment from your computer's file system.

These attachments will not be included when you send a quote to a contact within Campus. Any attachment that you do want to send to your contact with the quote needs to be done when you send the quote from the contact's page in the email editor. There is a paperclip button to click on and you can add the attachment that way.

Watch the short video below on adding attachments to your quotes: