Printing and Sending Quotes

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How To Print a Quote

To print a quote firstly either create a quote or go view an existing quote. Then click on the Quote Number in your Quotes list. This will fire you over to the View Quote page where you can see all the quote's relevant details.

1. Click on the Actions button and select Print Quote from the dropdown list.

2. If you haven't yet completed your Campus setup you'll be prompted to do that.

3. If you have completed your Campus set up the quote will appear ready for you to print directly from your browser.

How To Email a Quote to a Customer

Go to the Contacts module (Contacts and Organisations-> Contacts), search for your contact and go to their View Contact page by clicking on their name in the Contacts List.

1. Click on the Email tab of the View Contact page.

If your contact does not have an email address you'll be prompted to add one.

If you have not yet set up your SMTP details you'll need to do that too. Click on the link to do that. There's an article here to walk you through that process.

2. Click on the paperclip button (in the email pane) and the Add Attachment window will appear.

3. Now you just need to click on the Quote tab and choose the quote you want to attach from the dropdown menu.

4. Then click the Add Attachment button and the quote will be attached.

5. You can now write the email to go with your quote and send it to the client.