Managing Users

N.B. It's worth mentioning first up that only Admin users can manage users within Campus.

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User Limits

Every Campus plan comes with a user limit, meaning if you require extra users but your plan doesn't allow it you'll need to upgrade.

To find out if you are at, or near to, your user limit check the View all Users page. You'll see this text above your table of users.

Deleting Users

This is a straightforward job but not something to be taken lightly.

Important! if you delete a user they won't be able to access Campus and you can't bring them back!

So, if you're sure, to delete a user simply find them in your Users table (if you have lots of users you can find them using the search bar). Then tick their checkbox and click the  Delete All Selected button.

You'll get a final warning giving you the chance to back down. If you're sure you want to delete them just go ahead and click on the red Delete button.

You can now use that deleted user's 'space' that you just freed up to invite a new user if you like.

Editing Users

You can of course edit any of your existing users (except your Campus admin account holder). Just find the user you want to edit, hover over them and and click on the Edit button. A slide in window will appear where you can update any of your users' details. You can even change their password if you like.

You can also change a user's permission level by clicking on the Permission Level dropdown and selecting the user type you want your user to become.