What Are Users?

Users are the folks that can use your Campus plan. There are three types of users:

  • Admins (one of which is the Campus account owner)
  • Managers
  • Users

Each user level has different permissions associated with it with. Admin gets the full roster of permissions, Managers the next level, and Users the fewest permissions. Let's go through each user type and what permissions they have.


These are the top level user and can do absolutely anything in Campus. That includes taking advantage of all of Campus's features and changing the plan's module settings. Admin users are the only user type that can set up and edit billing information, upgrade a plan, and invite new users. The Campus account owner will always be an Admin user.


These are the second-level user and are trusted members of staff who can not only use the full range of your plan's features but can also change the plan's module settings. Managers cannot edit billing information, upgrade a plan, or invite new users.


These are the users with the fewest privileges. They can use all of your plan's features but are unable to change any of the module settings. Nor do they have access to anything to do with upgrading the plan, financial information, inviting new users and they are unable to export any data from Contact Lists.

It's always a good idea to start a new member of staff off as a user whilst they get used to using Campus. If you then need them to get used to managing your Campus module settings then you can always upgrade them later.