Making the Most of Your Form Submissions

Convincing a recipient of your marketing to fill out a form is no mean feat. It's therefore important that the information you gather in the form submission is of use to you, and to Campus, going forward. This help guide will explain to you what Campus does when it receives a form submission and which fields it's a good idea to include in your forms to make things easier for you in the long-run.

What happens when a form is filled out?

When a form that you built in your Form module is filled out by a recipient, Campus will do two things:

1. Attempt to ascertain whether the data should be attributed to a 'School Organisation' or a 'Business Organisation' in your CRM.

Then, if the data is attributed to a School Organisation;

2. Attempt to match the entry to an actual real-life School and/or Teacher in the Education Data module and create what we call an 'invisible link' between your data and that data in the Education Data module.

To attempt to figure out if the data should be attributed to a school organisation Campus asks itself the following questions:

  • Is the Organisation's Type a School Type e.g. Academy Secondary Aged/University/Primary School?
  • Is the Contact's Job Role field a Teacher based Job Role?
  • Does the Organisation's Telephone number exist in the Education Data Module?
  • Does the Organisation's Email address field exist in the Education Data Module?

If it's a "Yes" to any of these statements then Campus will assign the form data as a 'School Type' and attempt to match the form's data to the Education Data Module by looking at the Contact's Email address field and attempting to match that to a teacher's email we hold here at Campus HQ. If there is no teacher match Campus looks at the School's telephone number, postcode, and name to make a match. 

If it's a "No" then Campus will assign it as a 'Business Type' in your CRM.

So… you can see pretty clearly that it's a good idea to use some, or all, of the following fields:

Contact Fields:

  • Contact Email Address (Campus finds this so useful that it's actually mandatory)
  • Job Role

Organisation Fields:

  • Organisation Name
  • Organisation Telephone Number
  • Organisation Postcode
  • Organisation Type

Why Does Campus Do This?

Campus attempts to assign your form data as coming from a School or a Business and tries to create a link where it can for the following reasons:

1) It means you can quickly and easily refer to any Exams/Ofsted/Pupil data in the Education Data module at the click of a button from your Organisation's entry in your CRM.

2) When you do marketing to the Education Data module Campus will now recognise any schools as being in your CRM and will give you the option of excluding them from your Outreach Marketing if you want to.

3) Once the invisible link is created Campus will automatically embellish any missing data in your CRM module with the corresponding data from the Education Data Module (so, for example, say you don't have an Organisation's address in your CRM, Campus is going to pull that data across for you and pop it in your Organisation's record in the background).

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