Understanding Education Data Fallbacks

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What Are Education Data Fallbacks?

When you create an Education Data Marketing List with the specific intention of emailing that list, Campus will allow you certain fields that you'll be able to use to personalise your marketing – they are called Email Merge Fields and you insert them into your email design so that every email is personalised to every particular recipient.

The Email Merge Fields you have access to are:

  • Establishment Name [[establishment_name]]
  • Teacher Full Name [[teacher_full_name]]
  • School Type [[school_type]]
  • Job Role [[job_role]]
  • Telephone [[telephone]]
  • Fax [[fax]]
  • Website [[website]]
  • Local Authority [[local_authority]]
  • County [[county]]
  • Region [[region]]

Although very unlikely, there may be an occasion where the data you want to pull into your email from Campus's Education Data module, via these merge fields, is missing – this would make your email read incorrectly.

For example, let's say you wanted to include this sentence in your email: "I have taken a look at [[website]] and think it looks great." knowing that when St. Mary's School receive it it will read: "I have taken a look at www.stmarys.com and think it looks great."

Now imagine if Campus did not hold the website data of that school… Your email to St Mary's would read like this: "I have taken a look at  and think it looks great." Doesn't make sense right? It's missing a word in the middle of the sentence. That's where Education Data Fallbacks come in…

The fallback for [[website]] you'd want to use in this example is: "your website" so that the email will read "I have taken a look at your website and think it looks great."

Managing the Default Education Data Fallbacks

Campus already has a sensible offering for each fallback available to you but if you want to change those defaults you can do so by going to your Settings module (by clicking on the Settings item in the dropdown menu underneath the user picture top right of your screen). Then select the Education Data item in the submenu and then the Fallbacks item in the dropdown.

On this page you can see a list of the 10 fallbacks. Simply click on the edit button that corresponds to the fallback that you want to change and an edit window will pop up. Simply change the text field to your preferred wording and click Save.

How to Change the Fallbacks for a Particular List

When you create an Email Marketing List the last step gives you the opportunity to review the default fallbacks and change any of them for that particular campaign. You can read more about creating an Education Data Marketing List here.

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