Searching For a UK School or Teacher

Go to your Education Search page by clicking on the Education item in the main menu, hovering over United Kingdom from the dropdown and selecting the Search item in the dropdown. You'll then be fired over to the Search page.

It's pretty straightforward from here on in. Simply decide if you want to search for a School or a Teacher and then start typing in the relevant search box.

Campus will start looking through the data and suggest results. Once you've found the school or teacher you're looking for just click on it and you'll be whizzed off to the relevant school or teacher view page.

If you need to find a school but don't know its name you can also search by the following: address (address line 1, town, postcode, county); email or telephone number.

Similarly, if you don't know a teacher's name you can enter the school into the search box and Campus will show you a bunch of teachers that work at that school.

We also have a training video available if you jump over to this page: Searching the Education Database