Unsubscribing Schools

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What is an Unsubscribe?

If a school in the Education Data Module (i.e. a school that is not one of your organisations) no longer wants to receive your marketing you are obliged to honor that unsubscribe request (it's the law). They can either unsubscribe directly from your marketing by clicking on an unsubscribe link or you can unsubscribe them manually. Once this has happened they become an Unsubscribed School and you should no longer market to them. Once a school unsubscribes that's it – they are unsubscribed for good. This means you need to do a really great job of your outreach marketing to schools. Take a look at the Academy for a whole bunch of information to help you do a great job of your outreach marketing to schools.

Ways of Unsubscribing

There are three ways of schools becoming unsubscribed.

1. The school receives your marketing and clicks on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email. Campus will then unsubscribe them for you and you'll be able to see that they have unsubscribed when you visit their School record.

2. You can unsubscribe a school manually by heading on over to their view page and clicking on the Unsubscribe button.

Monitoring Your Unsubscribes

You can go and view your unsubscribed schools by going to your Settings module (by clicking on the Settings item in the dropdown menu underneath the user picture top right of your screen). Then select the Education Data item in the submenu and then the Unsubscribed Schools item in the dropdown.

Here you'll see a list of all of your unsubscribed schools.

N.B. Once a school is unsubscribed you cannot resubscribe it.

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