Viewing Form Submissions

When a recipient * fills out a Campus form that you've embedded on your website you can now see their submission on the Form Submissions page.

* You will have needed to accept the recipient in Pending Contacts so that they are in your Contacts for you to view their contact/organisation details. Here's a guide to accepting pending contacts

Click on the Forms item in the main menu then the Submissions item in the dropdown. You'll then be fired over to the Form Submissions page.

Here you can see the form, the contact, the organisation, and the submission date. If you now click on the form's name a window will slide in and show you the information that the contact submitted.

Viewing Form Submissions by Contact

When you view a contact, by clicking on their name in the Contacts data grid, you can scroll down and see the last form they submitted, as well as when.

Now click on the relevant View button and a window will slide in that shows you all the forms that the contact has submitted. 

If you click on the form's name then you'll be able to view the submission information too.

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