Activity Surrounding Entities

It is now possible to log correspondence and note activity against tasks, deals, quotes and sales. This makes the recording of your communications from within Campus really powerful and streamlined.

In this example, we'll relate a note to a specific invoice.

To do this head on over to a Contact's page and click to add a note.

You'll notice a Relates To dropdown which gives you the opportunity to relate the note to a Task, Deal, Quote or a Sale.

Once you've selected Quote you can then go ahead and link the note. Campus will provide you with a list of Quotes for that particular contact for you to choose from.

Now, when viewing your contact's activity feed you can see there's a tag at the bottom of the note that links you directly to the quote you're referring to.

If you click on this now and go and examine the quote itself you'll see that the note you just wrote appears on the feed.