Task Types

N.B. The Tasks module is only available on Growing Plan subscriptions and upwards. It is also not available on any Legacy plans. If you are on a Basic or Legacy plan and would like this feature then please get in touch with Sales to upgrade by giving us a call on 01684 297374 or pinging us an email at support@sprint-campus.co.uk.

What Are Task Types?

In your day to day work you'll probably work through a range of different tasks; sending emails, making calls, arranging meetings, making coffee, etc. This is where task types come in.

You're able to assign a type to a task to help you organise better. You do this in the add or edit task forms by selecting from the Type dropdown.

To create your own task types head on over to your Settings module and click on the Tasks item in the sub navigation menu and then select Task Types.

You'll now see a data grid of all the built in task types. These are common ones that come as default with Campus. You can't edit or delete default task types - you can see they have a padlock symbol next to them to remind you of this.

Adding Task Types

Inevitably your business will have its own processes and task types so you're able to easily create your own.

Simply click on the Add a Task Type button and an Add a Task Type slide in side panel will appear.

Now add your Task Type, e.g. 'Make Coffee', and it will get added to your Task Types data grid.

Default Task Types

You're able to specify whether a task type should be set as your default. If you do this the type will be automatically selected when you're creating the task. To set your default just tick the Make this the default task type checkbox and next time you come to create a new task your default task type will be displayed.

Watch the Video

Head over to the Task Settings training video which also walks you through the above!