Obfuscated Emails

N.B. The following only applies if you have Teacher Email Credits included in your plan.

If you have Teacher Email Credits included in your Campus plan's subscription you'll notice that the teacher emails around the application are obfuscated. For example if you've built a Teachers' Email List or are looking at the Teacher Cards on a School's Page.

This is nothing to worry about and quite normal. Even though you can't actually 'see' what the email is, you are still able to build lists of them and send marketing to them.

You are even still able to convert the teacher into a Contact and start doing one-on-one emails to them from your Contacts module.

Why are the emails obfuscated?

We obfuscate them for a couple of reasons. The education data in Campus is owned by us - you are leasing it and so it is important to us that this data is protected properly; not just for a business point of view, but also from a data protection point of view. By obfuscating their emails our teacher audience are afforded that little bit extra protection from their data being taken and potentially misused. This is also why you cannot export teacher emails from Campus. They can only be used from with the closed-system.

What About Teacher Who I Convert Into Contacts?

When you convert a Teacher into a Contact you are essentially taking ownership of that data. this means that you have the foundations of a relationship with that teacher (hence making them a contact). You should therefore, theoretically know their email address. You simply need to add it during the conversion process.

Simply click on the blue 'Claim' link on the right hand side and the obfuscated email will clear and you can insert it.

What if I Convert a Teacher But I Don't Know Their Email Address?

No worries you can do this but the email will remain obfuscated in your Contacts module until you 'Claim' it as your own by manually adding the email address. You're still able to create contact email lists of these converted teachers and even email the one-to-one.

Its easy to 'Claim' the teacher once they're in your Contacts module. Simply edit the contact and click on the blue 'Claim' link, clear the obfuscated email and insert it.

How can I target an Obfuscated Email on a One-to-One Basis?

Below is a short video that will walk you through how to convert a teacher with an obfuscated email address and then target them with a one-to-one email: