What is an Education List

An Education List is a number of schools or teachers that share similar criteria and which you group together in order to send them relevant marketing.

There are three types of list:

  1. Email Lists (which you use to send email marketing to).
  2. Postal Lists (which you can use for mail merges to create your postal marketing).
  3. Data Lists (lists that you can export and use for further analysis or marketing). N.B. Different Campus Plans come with differing export privileges.

Each of these three list types can be broken into two sub-types:

  1. Lists of schools.
  2. Lists of teachers.

Some examples of Education Lists could be:

  • A postal list of all Schools in Gloucestershire.
  • A data list of Head Teachers at Primary Schools with an Ofsted grade of Outstanding.
  • An email list of all Science Staff at Secondary Aged Academies in the South East with an expenditure on ICT between £100 and £200 per pupil per year.

Basically the combinations, and the level of detail you can drill down your segmenting to, are almost infinite – giving you maximum list-building flexibility.

It's important to note that the types of list you are able to build id dependent on your Campus plan. E.g. you cannot build an email list of teachers unless you have Teacher Email Credits included in your plan's subscription.