Managing Your Education Lists

Viewing Your Lists

Head on over to the Education List page (Education Data -> Education Lists) and you'll see a list of your lists. Here you can do a few things:

  1. Go and view each list by clicking on the list name.
  2. Go and edit the list by clicking on the Edit button and you can then tweak your list's parameters.
  3. Delete a list by selecting it by ticking the list's checkbox and then clicking the 'Delete' button. N.B. Don't panic –  you are only deleting the list – NOT the schools and teachers themselves.

Removing Schools/Teachers from a List

Go and view the list; find the item you want to remove and ticking the list's checkbox and then clicking the 'Remove from List' button. Again, you'll just be removing the school/teacher from your list – you won't be deleting it from Campus.

Sending an Email to Your Lists

Every Education Email Marketing List you build is available immediately for you over in the Email Marketing Module as a list that you can send to.

Exporting Your List

N.B.The types of lists you are able to export is governed by your Campus plan's subscription.

You are also able to export your Education Marketing Lists. Head on over to the List Page and click on the Name of the list you want to export. This will open that list for you and then you can simply click on the Export button at the top of the page.

You can then use the exported CSV file for a postal campaign mail merge.

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