Viewing a School

Viewing a School in Education Data

Find a school by searching the Education Data. You can search directly for a School, or if you know a teacher that works at the school you can search for the teacher name. For help on searching for a school, read our knowledge guide here Searching For a School or Teacher:

When you have selected the school, you will be directed to the profile page of that school.

Information on the left-hand panel will give you school name, address, office email and website. If the school has asked to unsubscribe from your marketing, you can action the unsubscribe from here. Note, you cannot resubscribe a school within the Education Data module. For a guide about unsubscribing schools, click our knowledge base article here.

Further information is provided about the school on both the left-hand panel and right-hand panels, such as local authority, Ofsted rating and number of pupils.

In the centre of your screen you have a geographical map, under which you’ll see details about the teachers at this organisation.

You’ll notice that the email addresses are obfuscated (hidden) for data protection. From each contact’s individual card, you can unsubscribe them (by clicking on the envelope icon) or add them to your CRM by clicking the + icon. The contact will drop into your CRM Contacts list, but you still won’t be able to see their email address until they engage with you or complete a form.

N.B. Blurred teacher emails will only be visible if you have a Direct Teacher Email account. 

For further information about unsubscribing a contact, read our handy step-by-step guide, Unsubscribing Teachers.