Viewing Your Deals

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Viewing Your Deals in Table View

To view your Deals in table view navigate to Sales > Deals and ensure you have the Table item toggled on at the top of the page.

Your Deals are listed on your Deals page. Here you can search, filter, preview, edit, and delete them.

Viewing Your Deals in Board View

To view your Deals in board view navigate to Sales > Deals and ensure you have the Board item toggled on at the top of the page.

Here your Deals are grouped by what pipeline stage they are in and the board serves as a really useful visual insight into the state of your sales pipeline.

Previewing a Deal

It's easy to preview a Deal straight from your Deals table or your Deals board.

Previewing from your Deals Table

In your Deals table hover over the Deal name and a Preview button will appear. When you click it the Preview a Deal pane slides in from the right-hand side.

Previewing from your Deals Board

In your Deals board click on a Deal card and the Preview a Deal pane slides in from the right-hand side.

The Deal Preview Pane

The Deal Preview Pane contains all the important headline information about your Deal so that you can look at it without having to click all the way into the Deal View page.

The Deal View Page

The Deal View Page is where you can see the full information about your Deal and also log correspondence against it. It's basically your workspace where you can 'work' that Deal.

To get to the Deal View page from your Deals table simply click on the name of the Deal. 

To get to it from your Deals board you have to preview it first and then in the footer of the pane click the View button.

Once you're there, you'll see this.

There is more information about how to get the most out of the Deal View page in the Working Your Deals article.