Moving multiple Contacts into your CRM

It’s never been easier to bulk move teachers/schools into your Contacts CRM. 
When you review your campaign stats and drill down into the data of those who Opened and Clicked your email, you can – with just a few clicks of the mouse – move all, or a selected few into your CRM.
Easy to Add
Head to your Campaigns module and open one of your campaigns. Navigate to the Opens tab to see a list of all Contacts who have opened the email. 
On the left-hand side, either put a check mark against the Contacts you want to add to your CRM, or use the top box to select all entries. Once selected, click the ‘Add to...’ button.
These items have now been moved into your CRM module.
Once added to your Contacts, these can be built into a Contact List for you to send further marketing to. Just head over to the guide below to see how:

Building Openers and Clickers into a List

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