Using Gmail and G Suite For Your SMTP Set Up

If you use G Suite for your organisation's email then it's easy to set this up to work with Campus so you can send your one-to-one emails to your contacts through your organisation's domain.

Firstly, it's important to note that Google doesn't particularly like any app connecting to it but it will allow you to do so. That's going to require the help of your G Suite Admin user (which may be you - if it isn't forward this guide to them and they'll be able to help).

Step One

You'll need to be a G Suite admin user to do this.

Here you're going to tell Google you're happy for it to connect to 'external apps'. Google calls these 'insecure apps' despite them being secure.

Go to and sign in making sure you're using your G Suite admin user credentials (some people have more than one Google account).

Now enter the URL for G Suite: and click on 'Admin Console'.

Select the security item from the dashboard:

Next select 'Less Secure Apps'.

Then select the 'Allow users to manage their access to less secure apps' radio button.

This will allow all your users to change their individual email settings in Gmail to allow Campus to send through them.

Finally click 'Save'.

Step Two

You'll need to be a G Suite Gmail user to do this.

Now log into Google as the user of the email account you want to set up in Campus e.g. This could be your admin account (if you are the admin user) or it might be a separate account.

Go to and sign in making sure you're using your G Suite user credentials (some people have more than one Google account).

Go to

Scroll down to the 'Less secure app access section and turn it on. So it looks like this:

Sometimes these changes take hold immediately, sometimes they can take up to 24 hours. If you're interested in why you might now need to wait there's an article written by Google about that here:

Step Three

Log into your Campus account and set up your SMTP Account. There's an article on how to do that here.

Make sure you use these credentials:

Username: Your email address e.g.
Password: Your Gmail password
Port: 587
Security: TLS