Deal Lost Reasons

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What Are Deal Lost Reasons?

A Deal Lost Reason is the reason you record against the Deal when you have lost it to help put the loss into context. Campus comes with four built in Deal Lost Reasons:

  • Ignored follow ups
  • No longer interested
  • Too expensive
  • Went with competitor

You can add further Deal Lost Reasons to suit your business.

Managing Your Deal Types

N.B. You can only manage Deal Lost Reasons if you are an Admin or Manager User. So, if you're reading this and you think you need your Deal Lost Reasons need managing, and you're not an Admin or Manager, then get in touch with a member of your team that holds the correct privilege.

You can create new Deal Lost Reasons, edit existing ones, and also delete them. This can be done in your Settings module here;  Settings > Money > Deals. Scroll down to the Deal Lost Reasons data grid.

Adding a Deal Lost Reason

1. Click on the blue Create Reason button and the Add a Deal Lost Reason window will slide in from the right-hand side.

2. Give your Deal Lost Reason a Name.

3. Click the  Save button or the Save & Add Another button if you want to add further Lost Reasons.

Editing a Deal Lost Reason

1. Hover over the Deal Lost Reason in the data grid and click the Edit button.

The  Edit a Deal Lost Reason window will slide in from the right-hand side.

2. Make the changes you require.

3. Click the Save button.

Deleting a Deal Lost Reason

In the Deals Lost Reasons data grid select the Lost Reason you want to delete and then click on the Delete Selected button.

Any Deals that have the deleted Deal Lost Reason will still show as having that reason but you'll no longer be able to assign that Lost Reason to future Closed Lost Deals.