Building Openers and Clickers from Education Data Campaigns into a List

Hopefully you've just moved your Openers and Clickers from your Education Data Campaigns over to your CRM. If not, jump back into this guide before reading the below!

Now these new Contacts are in your CRM, you can easily build a Contact List of leads converted from specific campaigns in order to follow up with further marketing.

Creating your List

Head over to your Contact Module and choose Contact, then on the Contact table click Filters, this will open up the side panel to set up your filter. Click Contact Filters and choose the filter Email Campaign Converted From. You can then set the campaign(s) that you converted/moved your Openers/Clickers from and click Add:

This will reduce the Contacts in your Contact table to only those that fit your filters, and if you want to you can Save List so that you can use it to send your marketing to.

You are also able to create specific lists of Openers OR Clickers, by using the following Filters:

Opened Outreach Email

Clicked Outreach Email