Building Openers and Clickers from Education Data Campaigns into a List

Hopefully you've just moved your Openers and Clickers from your Education Data Campaigns over to your CRM. If not, jump back into this guide before reading the below!

Now these new Contacts are in your CRM, you can easily build a Contact List of leads converted from specific campaigns in order to follow up with further marketing.

Creating your List

Head over to Contacts > Lists and 'Create a List', giving it a clear Name, Description and choosing 'Contact' as your List Type:
Click Next to then set the parameters. Here we want to choose 'Contacts > Email Campaign Converted From > is > %%Campaign Name%%':
* You can choose multiple campaigns if needed and don't forget to add the parameter to remove unsubscribes incase you sent multiple follow ups to this list.

You can then click Finish and Campus will give you a total number of Contacts converted for you to follow up.

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