Sending a 'Live' Test

While the Campus Email Builder has a great 'Test Email' functionality built in that shows you exactly how your email will be formatted when received by the recipient, there may be some occasions where you want to see exactly how your Merge Tags and Custom Variables will also be received, how your campaign tracking will look, as well receiving a version to store for future reference. For this you can send yourself and your colleagues a live campaign.

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Please be aware that our sending servers have been warmed up to send to 'Education' emails, so as a 'Business' email there may be occasions where your first live test lands in your Junk folder. Add the Campus 'From Email' to your safe senders list to ensure this doesn't happen in the future.

Adding Yourself as a Contact

Firstly you need to add your company as an Organisation and yourself/colleagues as Contacts. To do this, follow the two guides below:

1. Adding Business Organisations
2. Adding Contacts

Building the Contact List

Now you exist as Contacts in your Contact Module, you need to build a Contact Marketing List that includes yourself/colleagues. 

Head to Contacts > Contacts. Now click Filter which will open up the sidebar on the right-hand side of the screen. In the Organisation Filters, find Organisation Name, choose Contains, and then add your Organisation Name to the Value box:

This will filter down the table on the left to only Contacts linked to an Organisation with this name. Close the sidebar and then click +Save List.

Sending the Campaign

Now your list is ready you can head over to your Email Module and first make sure you have a version of your email to send to your Contacts. 

Once you have, you can head into Campaigns and Send a Campaign, choosing your Email and List:

Continue the process of setting up your Sending Profile and sending the campaign.