Using 'Extras' in your UK Education Data List

On some occasions there may be even more parameters you can set outside of the standard Job Role, School Types and Locations that allow you to make your marketing as targeted as possible and segment your lists to only those schools/teachers that it will relate to. For example you may have a workshop that is only available for boys, so you'd ideally like to avoid sending your marketing that relates to this workshop to a girls only school. 

If this is the case, you can utilise the 'Extras' in your Education Data List to narrow down your search even further.

Where to find 'Extras'

During your Education Data List creation (if you're unsure of this process jump back to our guide on creating an Education Data List) you'll reach step 4 of the building process 'Extras':ByBy clicking into the different tabs you'll see various parameters that can be used to reduce your list count, if you want to use them.

Watch the Video

We have a short video guide below on how to use the extra parameters: