Targetting Multiple Teacher Types in a UK Education Data Email List

Campus has been built with best marketing practices in mind, so you can only create an Education Data 'Email' List based on one Teacher Type at a time. This is because ideally you should be tailoring your marketing content based on the role you're targeting. For example, the pain-points and job focuses of a Bursar/Business Manager would vary from those of a Deputy Head.

However we know that this won't be the case for every marketing email you send out, so we've made copying/tweaking the targeted teacher in your list super-easy so you can target the same school types, locations and extras but a different teacher type. Just follow the guide below or watch our short help video!

Firstly you need to Create your Education Data List

Once created you'll be directed back to your Education Data Lists view page. You'll need to hover over your newly created list and click Copy:

This will create an exact replication of your list. Once it has, you need to hover over your new list and click Edit:
Update the List Name and the Teacher Type, then click Save in the top right-hand corner:
This will save the list and take you back to the Education Data List view table. You'll notice that there is no list count for your new list, so to get your new list count just click on the List Name. This will refresh the list and when you jump back to your Education Data List view table you will now have a new count.

If you need more help, check out our video: