Creating an International Education List

Go to your International Schools Database by clicking on the Education Data Module, hover over International Schools in the dropdown and click on either Schools, or Teachers & Staff, depending on which you would like to create a list of. This will bring you to your International Schools/Teachers & Staff Table.

Creating a List of International Schools

To start building your list of schools, click on Filters - this will open a side panel where you can start to add your filters:

School Filters

When you click Add Filter under School Filters, this will bring up your available School Filters. Click on the one you would like to use and then choose the parameter that suits your requirements:

N.B. These parameters will vary based on the filter option you have chosen

Once you've chosen your parameter you'll be prompted to add a value, add this and then click the Add button. This will apply your new filter and you will notice that the number of establishments in your International Schools table will reduce.

+ OR + AND

Once you've added a filter, you'll have two new options for adding another, which is to add one as as an OR or an AND:
If you click the AND option, you will add another filter to the existing one, which will reduce the list total down even further. For example:

Type is any of College, High, High Through Sixth Form, High School Through University
Country is any of Albania

This will give you a list of these schools specified by the Type, but that are only in Albania.

If you click the OR option, you will be increasing your list total. For example:

Type is any of College, High, High Through Sixth Form, High School Through University
Country is any of Albania

This will give you a list of these schools specified by the Type, plus every International School in Albania.

List Management Filters

Once you have set your School Filters you need to set your List Management Filters. You have two options you can switch on:

1. Exclude Schools at which you have a Contact

This will exclude any schools that exist in your Contact Module.

2. Exclude schools with certain staff.

This will allow you to exclude schools with certain staff.

Once you have set your filters, click Close on the side panel.

You can then save your list by clicking + Save List on the right-hand side of the International Schools table. You can then give your list a name and a description, and tick whether you want to Share, Pin and Favourite your list:
Share - sharing your list will mean the other account users can see and use your list.

Pin - pinning your list means that the list will pinned onto the International Schools table:

Favourite - making your list a favourite will anchor it to the top of all of your lists, making it easier to navigate to in the future.

You can then View and Edit your list from the main International Schools table by clicking All Lists.

Creating a List of International Teachers & Staff

Once you are at the International Teachers and Staff table, the process for creating a list is the same as above.

You will firstly need to set your Filters. This time you have Teacher and Staff Filters, as well as School Filters and List Management Filters:

Add the Filters you would like by clicking one of the options and then choosing the relevant filter, adding more by clicking the OR or the AND option.

List Management Filters

  1. Exclude Unsubscribed (N.B. This will happen automatically when you send a marketing email to your list, even if you leave this unchecked at this point.)
  2. Exclude Teachers and Staff who are already contacts in your Contact Module
  3. Set a limit of people you want to target per establishment. 

Once you have set your Filters, you can then Save and View your list in the same way you did for your International Schools list.

If you need more help, you can watch the video on our International Database: