Embedding a Form onto a Wix Website

There are two ways to embed a Campus form onto your Wix website:

Using the HTML Code

First up, you need to copy your Campus form code - head to the Marketing Module in your Campus Account, choosing Forms from the dropdown and then clicking 'Embed' on the Campus form table for the form you wish to embed. 

Once you've copied this, head to your Wix editor where you can then choose to 'Embed Code'. Choose 'Embed HTML' from the options, then paste the Campus form code into the code box available. Once you've pasted it, you need to remove the text outlining the start and finish of your Campus Form code:

Then replace it with <div>,  so your finished code looks like the below:
Click Update and your form should appear in the HTML box.

Embedding a Website Address

If you have trouble with this method, you can also 'Embed HTML' in your Wix editor and enter a Website Address instead. This process has two steps:

Getting your Website Address

1. Take a look at your Campus website URL - this may be something like 'https://app6.campus-site.com' but the app number will vary. Your form URL will start with your Campus website URL.

2. After the this, type '/public/f/view/'.

3. Finally your unique Campus form will have a Form ID - you can find this by clicking 'Embed' on your Campus form table, and then copying the ID only (circled below):

Take this string of letters/numbers and put it after '/public/f/view/'

With these three elements your form URL should look something like this:


Adding the Website Address to Wix

Now you have your form URL you can head to your Wix editor, choose to 'Embed Code' and then choose 'Embed HTML'. For this method, choose 'Website Address' and then paste your form URL into the Website Address box:

Your form should appear and you can publish your page.