Form Submissions Default Sector Type

When someone submits your Campus form, Campus tries to determine whether to add the Organisation and Contact as a Business/Education and a Business/Teacher. Campus does this using information submitted in the form fields, such as Organisation Email Address, Organisation Telephone Number, Contact Email Address. You can read more about this process in the guide below:

Making the Most of Your Form Submissions

However, Campus can't always determine what sector type to add the Organisation/Contact as due to either limited or varying information input in the form submission, so if your company only works with the Education or Business sector, you can jump into your settings and set up a default sector type. That way, if Campus can't confidently determine which to add it as, if will stick to your defaut.

To set this, head to Settings > Contacts > Form Submissions. If you'd like your default sector to be blue, toggle the button until it turns blue: