What Are Deals?

The Deals module is an incredibly powerful part of Campus and is the vehicle that you use to help track your pre-sales and sales process through a defined Pipeline. 

Deals are organised into ‘Stages’ that represent the different steps a potential buyer takes when you are negotiating a potential sale with them. This is shown visually in Campus allowing you to easily see, at a glance, the ‘state’ of your Sales pipeline. This then affords you better insight into your business and also encourages you to follow up these opportunities appropriately, with the right messaging and approach, depending on where that particular buyer is in the pipeline. 

In Campus, Deals move through Stages to signify that an opportunity is moving towards closing. You're able to progress your Deals through your pipeline by dragging and dropping them from one Stage to another. You can also attach multiple quotes to a Deal, set Tasks based on them, as well as log emails and other activity about them. This means you can treat your Deal as your 'go to' place to gain insight on correspondence, team management, and business activity when it comes to your Sales.

Defining your ‘Buyer’s Journey’

A good way of thinking about a Deals Pipeline is as the incremental timeline journey a potential buyer takes after their initial enquiry, through to either buying from you, or not.

When planning your 'Buyer's Journey' it’s really useful to write these steps down so you can get a good understanding of the specific actions a Buyer would most likely take when considering and purchasing your product or service.

Once you’ve defined your Buyer’s Journey you’re ready to start using the Deals Module. There are some super-useful articles on how to do that here.